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Healey 100 1:32

Gebaut aus einem TOP-SLOT Kit unter Verwendung von SLOT CLASSIC Speichenrädern (mehrteilige Felgen mit fotogeätzten Speichen!)

Preis Satz Felgen (4 Stück): Euro 14,50

Bestellung telefonisch unter 0209/ 394988 oder per e-mail an

Wir wussten es schon immer! Hier der Beweis: - Der Weihnachtsmann fährt AUSTIN HEALEY 100 (TopSlot Slotkit, 1:32)!!! Also, Geschmack hat er ja... Und wenn der Healey mal nicht will, läßt er sich vom MERCEDES RENNTRANSPORTER (Peter Pre Slotcar, 1:32) durch die Gegend tragen! - Na dann, SCHÖNE BESCHERUNG UND FROHE FESTTAGE!

TOPSLOT Healey 100

Santa Claus is a healey-driver - on the slot track - This is the original 50īs colour "healey-blue"... Really a beauty, isn`t it?

SLOT ClASSIC Giulia Spider 1964 - You miss it in your collection..? Well, it is a unique one, thanks to my friend Cesar!

What should I say, you see last year it really had white wall tyres! The picture you see at the right is from the 2002 Alfa Classic Wachau in Austria. And the picture above..? Maybe it looks more realistic than reality itself...


Der BMW 328 von Willy Brien und Rudolph Scholz in Le Mans 1939 - Irgendwer scheint den Leitkiel am Fahrzeug rechts wegretuschiert zu haben, oder..? ;-)

Carrera Mercedes 300 SLR - Mille Miglia 1955: Denis Jenkinson is driving the 300 SLR, while Stirling Moss is having a coke :-)

SLOT CLASSIC Aston Martin DB4 GTZ - One of the most beautiful SLOT CLASSIC-cars! Here they are at LE MANS 1961!

SLOT CLASSIC Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato - This is the car driven by Lex Davison and Bib Stilwell in 1961...

Le Mans 1961 - Lex Davison und Bib Stilwell waren die Piloten des 2 VEV mit der Startnummer 3!

BUM SLOT Ferrari 750 Monza -

Look at this - yes, it is the BUM SLOT Ferrari 750 Monza, but for sure a lot of work had been done to this model..! BUY THE PARTS IN OUR ONLINE-SHOP (photo-etched-whire-wheels, raceclassics132-steering wheel, resin-driver)!!!

BUM SLOT Ferrari 750 Monza - This is the Le Mans-Version from 1955 based on the BUM SLOT-model! Look at the real-glas front-lamps, donīt you need them for scratch-building very often? BUY IT NOW IN OUR ONLINE-SHOP!

This is the real thing driven by Jean Lucas "Helde" in the 1955 Le Mans race!

Ferrari 750 Monza at Le Mans -

SLOT CLASSIC Ferrari 335 S -

De Portago/ Nelson in the Mille Miglia 1957 - The race ended tragically with the death of the drivers and a few people, only 30 kilometers away from Brescia.


This Monoposto Giulietta Spider - was prepared for the Mille Miglia 1956! Later for the race it gets the Mille Miglia racing Number 425.

Revell Jaguar XK 120 - Easy Kit on Carrera-Chassis using Scalextric-wheels and driver... Not highly detailed, but such a great atmosphere around..! Especially the spats at the rear wheels give a great 50s style. Would really anyone prefer the Ninco XK?

Airfix Austin Healey Sprite MK1 - This very popular Airfix-Kit is build on a self-made chassis, very nice, isn`t it? :-)

Scalextric Alfa Romeo 8C - What a great Scalextric model! This one is the winning car of the Le Mans race of 1932..! Do a good paint job, give it some decals and change the drivers head to have a great scale racer, don`t you think so?

Le Mans 1932 - Raymond Sommer and Luigi Chinetti win the 24 hours of Le Mans!

SLOT CLASSIC Mercedes 300 SL -

Es war der 22. September 1952, als nach einer Vorstandssitzung bei Mercedes Benz beschlossen wurde, sich mit drei Fahrzeugen an der "3. Carrera Panamericana Mexico" zu beteiligen.
Das Ergebnis war ein sensationeller Doppelsieg der eingesetzten Prototypen, der als historisches Ereignis in die Rennsportgeschichte eingegangen ist.
Dieser Wagen, mit den Streifen auf den Kotflügeln, und dem Mercedes-Stern auf der Haube, geht noch heute als Ausstellungsstück um die Welt...

Matchbox MG TC - Such a great sports car, this one is converted to a slot car in a perfect way. Such a great supplement to any collection! Believe me, it really runs straight and quick with the original kit-wheels and tyres. Great fun!!!

SLOT CLASSIC Morgan 4/4 silver - One of the most fantastic SLOT CLASSIC Cars! Only 3 were painted silver by the factory...

SLOT CLASSIC Morgan 4/4 - Around 50% of the limited edition of 400 pieces were build as RTR-cars by the factory, the others were sold as kits! Red was the secound-popular colour. ( By the way, please mention the Rolls Royce in the background, yes it really is a pink one!!! But you`re right, it is not a common colour, only 3 were painted like this as original RTR!!!)

SLOT CLASSIC Pegaso Berlineta Especial - What a great sports car! And it looks fabulous with the white-wall-tyres, doesn`t it? ORDER THEM in the raceclassics132 ONLINE-SHOP!

SLOT CLASSIC Pegaso Spyder - The day before the race at the Panamericana..! Do you feel the heat the day before the race started..?

SLOT CLASSIC Rolls Royce - Her Majesty on the slot track - who has ever made a slotcar like that..? Believe me, it is a great experience to drive a real Rolls on the slot track!

Congratulations - if you are one of the lucky guys who own one of around 60 factory-build "ready to race" Rolls Royce! There are 45 RTR cars made by the factory in "british racing green", this one in "old-english-white" is one of two!

ANY SLOT Porsche 550 Spyder


SLOT CLASSIC BMW 328 silver - beautiful colour, but only 4 were made by the factory!!!

ALFA ROMEO P2 - S E N S A T I O N A L !!! - isn`t it? Very strong limited handmade slotcar by the genious Pierre-Yves Lebeau.

CUNNINGHAM C4R - For more pictures of this beautiful slotcar look at the fantastic homepage of Mark Gussin.

Pierre-Yves Lebeau`s Cunningham C-4R - Here are some more pictures of this fantastic slotcar! Only 20 were made...

It would be a great pleasure for me to get in contact with Pierre-Yves Lebeau personaly! Maybe If you should ever have a look on my page, please send me an e-mail - thank you very much in advance!

Two Cunninghams! - Yes, here are two of those very rare slot cars!

SLOT CLASSIC 300 SL Le Mans 1952 - Here they are together - The three cars which started that year in the race! No. 20 (red nose) with Theo Helfrich/ Norbert Niedermayer, the winning team of that year with No. 21 (blue nose), Hermann Lang and Fritz Riess, and the No. 22 (green nose) with Karl Kling and Hans Klenk!

STROMBECKER Ferrari 500 TR - This is the fantastic LE MANS-car of Pedro Rodriguez and Jose Behra! Have you ever realized how beautiful the STROMBECKER model can look? -And it is real fun to drive it!

MMK Lister Jaguar Le Mans 1959

Look at these new models! It is a french producer named MMK, specialised on 50`s Le Mans cars. You see some of them on the following pictures, but they are suppered with different parts like more realistic driver figures and steering wheels, some painted details or sometimes with different wheels.
For details or parts to supper your slot models ask info@raceclassics132

MMK Lister Jaguar Le Mans 1959 - A real nice slot modell, this one is suppered with realistic resin driver and steering wheel...

Lister Jaguar at Le Mans 1959 - Ivor Bueb and Bruce Halford started with No.1!

MMK Lister Jaguar Sebring 1959 - also a very attractive slot model added with a new driver figure.

MMK Aston Martin DBR1 Le Mans 1959 - Suppered with new driver figure and painted Carrera Evolution whire wheels...

Airfix Triumph Tr4 - Nice and cheap plastic body kit for scratch-building!

Top Slot Ferrari 166 MM Coupe - A real nice and high quality resin body to fit on a Ninco chassis! Wheels are painted, glass lamps, photo etched wipers and fully driver figure are added.

Fortsetzung folgt!

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